Miniature Goats as Pets


Australian Miniature Goats make the very best pet for most family dynamics, families with children, couples or the elderly.


We are often asked questions so I have put some of the more commonly asked below in a list of frequently asked questions.

If you would like further information, please visit the Miniature Goat Breeders Association web site and have a look at other breeders web sites where you can find some great information and photos to assist you with what you are searching for.







Do goats make good pets for kids?

Goats make the best pets for Children and people of all ages.

Unlike many other pets, they do not bite, kick and do not scratch or require skill to handle. Miniature Goats are dehorned at a young age, which removes the risk of accidental injuries with horns.

Miniature Goats are perfect when obtained as bottle babies so that the children of the family can experience the close bond they will be rewarded with while teaching them responsibility with their pet. They are known to be well suited to disable and Down Syndrome children who require the one on one experience of a gentle pet that will interact with them without the risk of injury.

As kids, Mini Goats will follow children around like a puppy and can be lead. They will bounce off objects and play with each other and their owners offering many hours of fun and enjoyment.

As adults they are extremely relaxed and will adapt to most situations or changes in life or home.



I want to know if I can have a Miniature Goat, how do I find out?


First you will need to contact your local Department of Primary Industry (DPI) to find out how
your property is zoned and if you are allowed to keep livestock.


What are the council requirements?


Requirements will vary town to town, state to state. You need to check what your local council requirements are.


All goats in Australia other than Dairy Goats require an NLIS tag placed in the goats ear for movement between properties to keep a track of animals movements in case of a disease outbreak.





I am allowed to keep a Miniature Goat on my property? (QLD)

In QLD to keep more than 1 head of livestock you are required to obtain a Property Identification Number (PIC), this is free and can be obtained over the phone with your local Department of Primary Industry office. Other states could incur a fee per year.You must also purchase a book of weigh bills for movement of goats, this is a triplicate carbon copy book you will need to transport your goat from your property, even if just visiting or going to the vets and shows. You must fill a weigh bill in and travel with this document. Failure to do will incur a large fine.

Can I keep Miniature Goats with other animals?



Goat are a herd animal and require company to live happy and healthy lives. Although they prefer their own species, Miniature Goats will get along well with Dogs, Cows, Donkey, Chooks, Horses, Alpacas and many many more animals.


You must make sure that species can live together permanently in the same area due to cross contamination of diseases. Chickens can cause health problems if they are allowed to make goat feed dishes, water dishes and sleeping areas contaminated with feaces.

Information is readily available on the internet or ask your vet.


Photo to the left : Full sized Toggenberg Wether, Alpaca, Rooster and and Australian Miniature bred kid.

How much Land will I need?

This will depend on what you buy, if you purchase baby goats then you can make do with less space until they are older. A pair of baby goats will require enough room to jump and play and run around in a small paddock, they should not be tethered or kept in cages for long periods of time. An adult Miniature Goat will require approximately 1 acre per pair.

What kind of fencing will I need?

Many different fence types can be used to keep in Mini Goats. We find they are kind to fencing and will only jump up to get a scratch or a hug and will also use it to rub along from time to time.


Post and rail fencing with chain wire is the preference, but if you are on a budget then dog wire mesh with a tensioned top wire above that on star pickets can make a great alternative.

Babies will require something smaller than the dog wire as they will get through smaller squares. Chain mesh fencing is perfect.


Do goats need shelter?

Absolutely, they will require shelter to get out of the hot sun, the rain and the wind.


We recommend that owners put shelter in full sun in winter so they can warm up more easily and under a tree or shade sail in Summer to prevent the shelters heating up inside causing discomfort for their pets.


Baby Goats can use a large dog kennel and adults will require a draft free roomy shelter. This can be a water tank cut in half, a horse stable, a hand built shelter or ones purchased from a livestock supplier.

What kind of Miniature Goat will make the best pet?

A bottle baby is a kid goat that has been taken from it's mother between 3 days to 2 weeks and is drinking a milk replacement from a bottle.


We recommend bottle babies to all our pet enquiries due to being so young they will not only be very quiet and love people but they will bond quickly to their new family and any pets that are currently owned.

If you require a pet that you can milk for cheese making or soap making or just to milk for the family breakfast, we recommend a Nuwby type that has Anglo Nubian breed in it for better milk production.


We recommend desexed males (wethers) for people that are looking for cheaper alternatives. Price: from $200 each.
They do not smell like males that have not been desexed.They will grow bigger than the females, and in many instances go over Miniature Goat breed height (63.5cm) We recommend female goats (does) for anyone wanting to make sure their mini stays smaller as adults. Price: $250 to $650 Other than being smaller, they are well suited for pets and for families that possibly may like to breed one day.

How many should I buy?

All goats no matter what the breed are herd animals, they need constant companionship to live a happy and healthy life. You must keep 2 or more for a trouble free experience.

A pair of goats will spend time and play with each other when you are not around. They will be less demanding of your attention and they will be less likely to be scared of new experiences and animals and will be generally all round happier pets.






Where do I start looking for a bottle baby?

As many Miniature Goats are sold before they are advertised on classifieds boards or web sites, we recommend you go to the Miniature Goat Breeders Association Web site and look up the breeders listed in your area, drop them an Email with your requirements with as much details as possible and ask to be put on the waiting list .Things to let the breeder know... What sex you are after, Price you are willing to pay, how many you are looking for, colour, do you need transport, when do you want your pet, what is important to you?

What do I need to provide for my bottle babies before they arrive?

Shelter from wind and rain (3 sides enclosed is best, a large dog kennel is suitable for kid goats until they mature)
Water trough
Feed dish- 1 for grain and 1 for hay
Mineral lick block suitable for goats ( ask your local produce centre) Approx $25 and will last 6 months for kids.
Copper trough block for copper intake and to keep algae from growing in water. Approx $3.95 and break up into small pieces to use depending on trough size.
Lucerne chaff or hay bales

Grain - check with the breeder you purchase from what they feed in the form of grain

Bottle and Teat - Find out what the breeder is using or if they supply them
Milk replacement - Ask the breeder what brand and how much to feed and how often.

It is extremely important that you ask the breeder you are buying from what the kids diet is before you bring them home so you know what their tummies are used to otherwise you may have digestion problems and diahrea along with the risk of bloating which can kill.

You must have an enclosed area that is free from poisonous plants, dogs and other hazardous objects.

Can I show my pet?

Yes you can, wethers make great show pets and there is nothing better than getting the kids involved in a show and teaching them about grooming and goat care. You do not have to be a professional, most wethers at the shows are from pet owners that are coming to have some fun.Doe kids also make great show goats and what better way to gain self confidence and feel a sense of achievement that you got out in the ring and paraded your pet. You could possibly even win a ribbon or a trophy to take to school for show and tell.